About Us

AmeriScraps is a revolutionary platform that allows buyers and sellers from North America and around the globe to connect directly, negotiate bids and prices online, exchange documents securely and confidentially, and make deals happen faster and more efficiently.

Tools that enable yard owners to easily manage their day-to-day sales and tracking documents
Messaging solutions that ensure improved communication
Site Navigation
Site navigation and access that is user-friendly
Improved Experience
An improved sales and purchase experience—only serious, professional buyers and scrap yards

AmeriScraps’ complete e-commerce offering streamlines scrap transactions, offering the latest technology and industry expertise, the ability to monitor active inventories, and customer service that is focused the needs of scrap buyers and sellers.

Many exciting new features like escrow accounts, financing options, and real-time access to domestic and overseas freight service will be added as the platform grows to benefit both buyers and sellers.

AmeriScraps: A new way to buy, sell and trade in the scrap industry.  Visit https://www.ameriscraps.com